Community page redisgn

  • The community page feels too much facebooky-like. This isn't a good thing because Vivaldi and facebook are completely different communities. While facebook is all about statuses and newest (often meaningless) new information about your friends, Vivaldi users are very unlikely to change their statuses. I believe that Vivaldi is mainly about forums and blogs and I expect the amount of photos to increase as well. Most importantly, Vivaldi users expect quality content. (Or at least I do). Unfortunately, quality content is hard to come by and so there won't be so much of it. I think we (meaning you - developers :) ) should take advantage of it and show less content. Instead of showing all the newest things, show only picked stuff that is both recent and, according to some algorithm, important. This algorithm would of course consider things created by friends as very important so that they would be all displayed. (This would be the default, with option to switch to friends-only items, all posts, etc...). I would really like if it would look similar to what Forrst front page looks like: [img][/img] You could use avatars for forum posts, picture of uploaded photo for photos and enable users to set an image for blog posts. Also some smaller icon on top of the image could specify what kind of item it is (forums post, blog, photo,...). There is no need for list of friends and applications, links to my applications/activity logs/dashboard/ etc. Profile/Blog/Photos/Friends should be somehow accessible + the notifications. Everything else can be hidden in some kind of context menu or second page. Thanks for considering doing something similar!

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