Deleting Active Tabs

  • On the list Active Tabs I would like to find a a way to delete a few of unused tabs. I have searched quite a lot but so far can't find the answer myself. So I would like to put it out to the community.

  • I have not understood the question, there is only one active tab, the current tab you're using. To "delete" a tab, just close it. There is a "x" mark on the end of a tab when you hover it.

  • You can also right click the active tab and close any others (or to the left or right)

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    Or you can Ctrl+Click to select multiple tabs, then close them with a shortcut or from the right-click tab context menu.

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    Hello folks, The little icon at the bottom directly under the V for Vivaldi. When I open that there has grown a long list and at the bottom of that list there is "Add Active Tab". For me this has grown too long. I would like to delete some of the unused tabs. I hope this helps to make things a little clearer.
    Thanks for replies.

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    @jkmagennis Do you mean that "<" symbol? That's your "back" button. If you long-press on it, it shows some of your history for that tab. You can limit the amount of history you save under menu/settings/privacy/Save Browsing History. If you are talking about the little folder icon below "back" button, you will have to hover that folder and tell me what its label is.

  • Hello Ayespy, It's the little icon at the bottom directly below back button.
    When I highlight that icon it says New Folder. When I open that icon there is a long list and at the bottom it reads "Add Active Tab". Everytime I try to investigate by right or left clicking it keeps adding tabs to the list.
    This may all seem unclear but I find it difficult to find the correct descriptions.

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    @jkmagennis Something is wrong. Add active tab is on the Bookmarks Bar or Bookmarks Menu, not on the Address Bar.

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    @jkmagennis What has happened here is that you have added a new bookmark folder to your Bookmarks Bar and, as is always the case when you have a bookmark folder open, you are invited to add the active tab, as a new bookmark to it. So what you are doing is adding each tab you happen to be in at the moment, as a new bookmark, to this folder in your bookmarks each time you do this.

    There is not an "active tab list" on your bookmarks bar. If you want to see a list of your tabs, press F2 or go to vivaldi://experiments and activate the Window Panel, where you can look at a list of your tabs, access them, or even move them around to new positions on the tab bar or, if you have them stacked, then within their stacks.

    To edit that folder you have accidentally added, and to move any bookmarks you have in it to where you really want them, or just delete them altogether, open your Bookmarks Panel (the little bookmark icon in the side panel) and you will have full editing access to all of the bookmarks in that folder.

  • @ayespy said in Deleting Active Tabs:

    open your Bookmarks Panel (the little bookmark icon in the side panel) and you will have full editing access to all of the bookmarks in that folder.

    Just to add, if you have the side panel turned off - just press F4 to open it, then select bookmarks in that list.

  • Thanks to everyone for their tips, I have picked up a few things through this post.
    I was trying to use snipping tool to capture where it says at the bottom of my long list "Add Active Tab" but soon as I open Snipping Tool the list disappears.
    Now through experimentation I have deleted the list so no more bother with that.

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