How to block e-mails ?

  • Since few days I'm not able to find anymore how to block unwanted e-mails (spam, swinglers and so on) on my Vivaldi webmail box.
    Can you help me please because I think and hope this feature still exists.

  • Go to Settings>Filters and ad in the Options: Mails containing xxxx Move to Spam

  • This doesn't seem quite right (sorry) but Filters isn't found in the Settings, I find it by clicking the More (...) button, and Spam is now called Junk. This topic is two months old but the first result when searching for How to block in Vivaldi Webmail.

    I tried setting it up despite the differences in technique but the unwanted email from a particular sender is still arriving.

    Also, when setting up filters to Move and Set Flags (or Add Flags, I tried both) as Read the mail gets moved but the Flags are never added.

    So blocking a sender in any way that I can see, whether working or not working (or still under development) will only Move an Email which still requires me to set Flags manually.


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    @m911 I moved this old thread to the Webmail forum, which is a relatively recent addition.

    I don't use the webmail interface much. Maybe others can help.


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