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  • To whom it may concern

    I am writing to ask which code should I use to enable tab horizontal scroll in browser. Sometimes it is inconvenient to use tab stacking, but if I open a big amount of tabs (20 or more), there is a mess:

    Where is an application form?!

    — Where is an application form?!

    It is good to use a side tab menu in fullscreen mode, but not in a window mode.

    How should it work?

    1. Set minimum tab width and do not allow the tabs to compress very much.
    2. Use narrows to the left and to the right to navigate through the tabs.

    This feature is implemented in "Microsoft Edge", "Firefox", "Yandex Browser", "Safari",
    "Cent browser" and other browsers. It has been requested for "Vivaldi" many times in "Feature requests" theme, but developers have not payed attention to it yet.

    I would be grateful if you could write a code for activation this function.

    Yours faithfully,
    Vivaldi user

  • Try this:

    .tab-header {
    min-width: 50px;


    .tab-header { 
    flex: 0 0 50px;

    both in one:

    .tab-header {
    min-width: 50px;
    flex: 0 0 50px;

    I think, the last one works, but I dont know, how flex exactly works, may be , you need only one of them.
    So, try it and let us know. Sure, there are no arrows to the left and right, so it is not very useful.

    If it works, Set Tab funktions > schow tab-changer ON and than try Ctrl + Tab. You can also use the mouse to scroll bellow tabs.

  • Now it was told to me, it is not possible without js.


  • @burbuja, but we are talking about all possibilties including javascript, is not we?


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