How to make "download router" (chrome ext) work on vivaldi, or make some kind function similair?

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    Downloads router is an extension on chrome which directly download file to different subfolder under default download folder based on filename, mime, or urls. There are also some similair extensions worked with chrome but not vivaldi.

    Current vavildi version 1.14.1077.60 ,win7sp1

    For instance,
    Say default download folder is :
    Default download all files here;
    When using downloads router, if create new folder named "image" under C:\Users\Administrator\Downloads, and configure a rule like :
    png|jpg =====>image/
    All jpg and png will automatically saved(routed) in:

    This worked with latest chrome, but not vivaldi:
    Vivaldi still save all files to default download folder
    with same configuration on downloads router.

  • @shamashii How is it supposed to work, what doesn't?

  • @luetage Thank you for response, thread edited.

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