Help pls , browsers issue

  • [b][color=#0044ff][color=#ff0000]help me pls , some days ago a problem appeared in my browsers and i don't know why :dry: , i can't access some sites on opera , firefox and google chrome , here's an image of what i get ( for example i tried to go to )[/color][/color][/b] [img][/img]

  • Barring the fact it is appearing as text rather than HTML, it looks correct. Normally even with text instead of HTML you wouldn't see anything before the 4-digit number though …

  • why it's appearing like that ?

  • @dani-alcatraz:

    why it's appearing like that ?

    I'd wager it's an extension or security program you have installed. If memory serves correct, one of those icons in your system tray is Baidu Antivirus. Do you have any other antivirus or firewall programs installed? Do you have any extensions installed that are common across the browsers? If so, try disabling them to see if they're blocking the pages from loading correctly.

  • i don't have baidu antivirus installed , i have nod 32 antivirus and usb guard but they weren't causing problems before , i tried deactivating all my extensions but the problem still occurs .

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