No video in FB and YT

  • Black screen when playing videos. Sound is good. But when commercials are in youtube, then thoose are playing. in others browsers are all good. I sow there was a threat about that few months ago, but they no solved the problem

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    @donatas Facebook and YouTube videos all work fine here under all conditions.

    Do you use extensions?

    Do you know how to disable hardware acceleration for Vivaldi?


  • Thanks, its worked with disable. Why it is on in default if lots having this problem?

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    @donatas Because the vast, vast majority have no problem with hardware acceleration. A tiny minority (which is still some hundreds or thousands) have the problem. Chromium is causing it by blacklisting more and more graphics hardware all the time. There are thousands of different kinds of graphics cards, each one coded uniquely from all others. Chromium has given up on trying to write code that is compatible with all of them, and blacklists only the ones they know don't work. Yours could be one that doesn't work with the codecs we have to use, but we have no way to know that unless media fails for you.

    So - Vivaldi leaves the blacklisted and approved devices the same as Chromium lists, even though Vivaldi can't afford hundreds of thousands of dollars for codec licensing, and so can't license the same codecs that Chrome relies on (and has patched their own browser for, which patches they do not share). Hence, we have to rely on on-board codecs built in to Windows and open-source codecs for which there is no licensing fee. This means that the majority of users, like me, have no problems - and a small minority of users, like you, get caught.

    Since more users CAN use hardware acceleration, it is on by default.

    I hope this make sense.

  • Thanks for the answer


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