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    I've been using vivaldi at home and work for the past few months now and currently use "Xmarks" so I could sync up my bookmarks, however I've just received and emails from xmarks saying they are discontinuing that product... So I'm on the hunt on what I can use to sync up. I spotted that Vivaldi has one in the works, but looking at the forums it's been a while now and still no sign of it. But there is a "snapshot" I could download to "test" it out.

    I'm wondering has anyone been using this and what are your thoughts on it? will it be ready by the end of April 2018?

    If not - anyone recommend any alternatives to XMarks for use with Vivaldi?


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    What Vivaldi version are you running?

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    @harag In all currently released versions of Vivaldi, you can go to vivaldi://experiments and activate sync. It's still a work in progress, but working great for me in Stable, Snapshot, and internal tester version.

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    I'm on 1.14.1077.60 (Stable channel) (32-bit) - which it says is the latest version

    @Ayespy thanks for that. just been there and found the sync option and set it up to sync. I'll have to test it when I get back to work next week and disable the xmarks add on.

    Thanks for the quick response 🙂

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    @harag Back up your files before starting the Sync, some important files can be found here:

  • @lamarca Thanks for the heads up, though I've already enabled it... I did export out the bookmarks just in case - I don't really use all the other sections used in the Select Data To Sync section - I currently use LastPass for my password manager - I mainly wanted to sync bookmarks between work and home. So far it seems to be ok... will keep an eye on it though. Thanks again.

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    @harag Anytime.


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