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  • AFAIK, there are 2 search functions on the header menu, & both does the exactly same thing?! Why not made one of them a predefined Search current forum/thread user currently is on?


    1. When i'm on & click the search icon, it should simply search this specific forum section directly, no configuration necessary.

    2. Then, when i'm on & do the same should allow me to search current thread, with just one click/Enter after input the search term.

    That's it. Thanks.

  • For point 2 - I'm not sure what good that would do. You're supposed to be able to do this already, but it doesn't work, or at least I'm not understanding how to use it. E.g. searching this:


    Doesn't do anything when you press enter, though its supposed to search the thread.

  • Moderator

    @dude99 The top one is a simple search of the current thread. It is pretty useless as it just finds the first occurrence of the search term.

    The second search in the black header is an advanced search. Define your own advanced search and add it as a custom search engine, then give it a nickname.

    Please copy this link and add it as a custom search engine.

  • Weird... For me the top search box doesn't search current forum/thread only, instead it search every forum & thread with the search word. Then if i click on the gears icon, it will simply take me to the same search page as the 2nd search function.

    My point 2 suggestion is useful for thread with too many post, & it suppose to only show post with matched word. This will save time as you won't have to read every post in a thread to get info you need.


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