We need compact layout design for more space to browse content

  • Here is my simple CSS mod for this forum, i hope vivaldi forum dev will use it to improve the forum usability:

    // lower header menu visibility to 10% when browsing content
    #header-menu:not(:hover) {opacity: 0.1; transition: opacity 0.7s 0.3s;}
    // autohide main menu; show by mouseover header menu
    #header-menu .menuwrapper {visibility:hidden; transition: visibility 1s 0s;}
    #header-menu:hover .menuwrapper {visibility: visible;}
    // move pagination to right; position vertically
    div.text-center.pagination-container {position: fixed; top: 58.5%; right: 0; font-size: 90%; max-width: 38px; transform: translateY(-50%);}
    .pagination > li > a {border: none;}

    This mod provide maximum viewing space for content by hiding the header menu partially while preserve all functionality. Next, moving the pagination to the right-side user can switch page anytime without scrolling to the bottom.

    One thing i can't accomplish with pure CSS mod is always showing the header menu when the screen is on top-most position. Thus, i think this can only be done by the forum dev.

    Thanks for your support.

  • The pagination on the right is a bit messy right now, but a very interesting idea.

  • @luetage It suppose to look like this, well at least on my setup:


    I guess my mod doesn't work on all setup, that's why it's best to be implant by forum dev natively.

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