Can't find nice way to handle new tabs

  • There are options for most of the new tabs and different option just for clones.

    I would like to have links opened next to active tab, but new tabs from plus-button etc to open where the plus-button is, at the end of current tabs. (chromium seems to do it, not sure if it is default or not)

    Other thing, which i am not sure if any browser actually does is the way opening links works. Is there an option to force left click to open links in current tab? I already have a way to open links in background tabs with mouse wheel (which is the way i open those like 99% of the time), so when i intentionally click left button, i don't want new tab and can't understand why some web developers brainfart would be better way to handle it.

    ot: I accidentally started to use vivaldi as my daily driver, when updating way too soon for ubuntu 18.04 and opera was not ready for it. For my surprise, vivaldi has become a real browser since i last tried it and ~everything seems to work, just little touches here and there and we have a great browser!

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    1. Vote for New Tab Position Setting
    2. There are valid reasons for web masters to open links in new windows. I don't know of any way to override that behaviour.
    3. Vivaldi is still under development, but I have been using it as my default browser for a couple of years.

  • None of the voting options promised the thing i want.

    What i want is separate settings for [new empty tabs] and for [new tabs from links]. I think those are used in different situations and should not be tied together.

    I want links to open right next to active tab (or after tabs opened from that same page, as long as those stay in group and in order)

    And if i have tab 5/40 active and i press plus (or ctrl-t), i want that new empty tab to open at slot 41.

    ot again: Just realized one broken thing. Right click does not work on google maps. It works 40% of tries if i move mouse couple pixels while pressing right button.

    Found one that matches exactly:

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