Better feature voting.

  • Feature voting should be less structured like a forum (still a part of the forum though), and more of it's own thing.
    A great example is discord's dreamland.
    A couple things it has that should be added here:

    1. To submit a request you search for it and then the button shows up, This reduces much of the duplication.
    2. Voting without opening the page for every individual request, It gets annoying.
    3. Request categories, which allow the people looking at them to find what they want easier.
    4. Markers that include: Planned, Started, Completed, and denied, this lets people know what is going on.

  • @azenix Agree with most of this. Although we already have special tags that indicate the following: Duplicate, Will Not Do, In Progress, Done and Pipeline.

  • @luetage Sorry, didn't notice that. The other stuff can still be implemented 😃

    1. You can already search for stuff, but its not the best search engine so I'm not sure how much help it would be. As far as an easy way to get people to do it, there's no way currently to force that on the forum. Maybe we could make the FAQ text that says this bolder and bigger? Even then I think it might not completely stop the duplicates.
    2. I absolutely agree on that one. In the search view this would be useful, too.
    3. Posts are tagged, unfortunately the tags are mixed in with the rest of the forum. Separating them for this sub-forum might help. You can also use that linked search engine on the FAQ to search tags but its not obvious because you have to open the advanced view. A sub-forum specific tag page / tag cloud might help.

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    I try my best to edit titles that are unclear, but it's still not always obvious without reading the discussion.

    Please copy this link and add it as a custom search engine. This makes it much quicker to search for existing FQs. Just go back to the start of the search and enter a different term if you don't find what you want immediately.

    Please copy this link and add it as a custom search engine.

    fq downloads

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    @azenix said in Better feature voting.:

    Request categories, which allow the people looking at them to find what they want easier

    I agree.

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    @ozoratsubasa That's what the tags do. Click on a tag at the bottom of a Feature Request post to view other FQs in the same category.


  • @pesala Would be nice if everyone was forced to choose a category. Tags could stay.

  • I often find myself voting up some feature request only to find out that the vote count goes down, because I already voted some time (weeks, or months...) ago.

    Is there any way to know this beforehand? If not, I's like to suggest it as a forum feature. Anything... some mark on the up/down arrows maybe.

    I guess the underlying problem is that we are using a feature that works find when we rarely reread messages in a way it was not meant to be, but maybe this is a simple(?) improvement which helps the voting, while not complicating the forum.

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    @rkzn said in Better feature voting.:

    Is there any way to know this beforehand?

    You can click the number, but it's quicker to notice that the number goes down if you already voted. Then just vote for it again.

  • @pesala Yes sure, thank you and please forgive me for not being more thorough. I also know of the list, but it is a list of all votes, which is not a quick read when there are many of them. And anyway is always slower than some indication that I - specifically I - already voted.

    edit: I mean, something like "likes" in many sites, even though a bazillion people also liked the same as I did, I don't need to scroll through the list to recall if I already "liked" it.


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