Can't play youtube

  • If I play youtube video, sound is playing but video is not. Only black screen with sound. I tried to remove completely and re-install but it's same.

    There was no problem when I use 1.13.~~ version (1.13.1008.44 is working good). After updated to 1.14.~~~ and this occur.

    Any other browser (firefox or chrome, etc,.) doesn't have this issue.

    I'm using a laptop with windows 7 and i5-2410m, internal gpu. Is there anything I have to do or check?

  • I have video problems with every 2 or 3 update ... they fix it, they bring bug back, they fix ist ...
    and the marmot greets forever.

    I helped me using IE Tab extension as work arround.

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    @serra-avatar They fix it, Chromium breaks it, they fix it again, Chromium breaks it again...

  • @ayespy
    Ok, if you want to put the blame on chromium, why not check the problem with every update and correct it right away?

    And when Chromium is the culprit, why doesn't Chrome have any problems?

    Vivaldi is great but this bug sucks!

  • @ayespy One of the problems of using Chromium.

    Vivaldi should fork the current Chromium version and go there way with changes. Otherwise, they are going to keep playing the cat and mouse game.

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    @serra-avatar No one is "putting blame" anywhere. Merely stating facts. Most of the media breakage occurs in Linux and Mac. On the whole, Windows does not have problems (my media in Vivaldi on all of my Windows installs has been stable for several months now). That said, Chromium is blacklisting more and more graphics cards all the time. So hardware that works in one version may fail in the next. Chrome has advance notice of these changes and, with their relatively huge development staff, gets to write their own proprietary patches that they don't share, and so they can always put out a version with few or no problems. Vivaldi has to figure out and write their own patches, after the fact.

    At the moment, out of a development team of about 20, there is one developer who is doing almost nothing but patching media problems on all three platforms. But it 's a moving target. It's not the same thing that gets broken each time.

    @terere Vivaldi does not have the resources to maintain a fork of Chromium. Over time, this could change.

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