Some findings about Vivaldi...

  • First of all... Vivaldi is a great browser. Fast & not crashing! 2 very important things...
    However. I got some issues with Vivaldi.

    1. When I want to open a text (or a zip-file, etc...), a window appears asking "save as.., save, open,". When I choose "Open", the file still is downloaded to my preferred download-folder.
    2. When downloading that text (or a zip-file), a panel (left or right) is opened. I can not control that panel-behaviour, since I don't want to see that panel at all.
    3. Gesture of the mouse is very weird. After passing a bookmark-tab, or a subject on a panel I get a hint on my screen referring to the tab, panel, file I just crossed. Very annoying.

    Those 3 little thing should/could be easily implementated in the Settings-section.
    Just a turn on/off-switch and an actually working version of opening a file, instead of first saving it.

    Some of you will not like my ideas, but that is what a 'Settings'-section is about : to keep everyone happy.



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    @fic 1. Not using the Temp directory for the "open" choice is a known issue.

    1. Uncheck "Open Download Panel Automatically" in Settings/Downloads

    2. Known glitch with the tooltips. Being worked on.

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    Support for MIME Types is one of the most popular feature requests. That would allow users to organised downloads to different folders depending on file types.

    Vivaldi is still only 3 years old, the team is small, and the list of feature requests is very long (currently over 660 and climbing steadily in spite of my efforts to remove duplicate requests).

    Please copy this link and add it as a custom search engine.

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