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  • Dear Vivaldi team, I have a permanent problem with PDF file at site alldatasheet.com (for example: http://pdf1.alldatasheet.com/datasheet-pdf/view/9027/NSC/LM741.html[/url]). I can't view select datasheets. Datasheet is not view as pdf plugin or open externally on favorite PDF viewer. BTW: I can't save some PDF files via internal PDF viewer. Best Regards

  • vivUser - Maybe I don't understand your problem, but I clicked on your link. It brought me to the AllDataSheet.com site. There I clicked on the LM741 Datasheet (HTML) - National Semiconductor pdf images that showed up. Each one opened in a new page in Vivaldi in pdf format. I was able to see all of the schematics - a little blurry, but readable. I then copied the AllDataSheet link into Opera 12.17 and opened the pdf there. There is no difference in the quality of the image between Vivaldi and Opera.

    As I said above, I am not sure what problem you are having with selecting datasheets. I am using Vivaldi on a machine running Win 7 x64.

  • To show some pdf's I had to disable the Adobe Reader plugin, and enable Chrome pdf viever (which is simpler).

  • janbrus - My default pdf program is Nitro Pro 9, but Vivaldi never asked me for a pdf viewer. I don't know if that makes any difference within Vivaldi, but as I wrote above, I have not yet run into pfd that I could not view.

    I no longer have Adobe Reader on my computer and haven't for some time. I replaced Adobe with the free Nitro Reader, then upgraded some time back to the Pro version. So I guess that could make a difference.

  • I am going to look into Nitro reader. Thanks for the tip. I can't seem to figure out where/how to modify the PDF settings in Vivaldi - I want the page up/page down buttons to appear.
    Thanks in advance.


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