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  • Url's are not working on www.barchart.com. I've done a number of virus scans but nothing has helped. I think the only way is to remove Vivaldi and re-install. However I don't want to lose my bookmarks and tabs. Is there a way to save these and reinstall them after I remove and re-install Vivaldi?

  • What URLs are you referring to?

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    @p75213 I don't know what "URLs are not working" means. However, uninstalling and reinstalling Vivaldi will not lose any of your data or settings (unless you use an after-market cleaner to do it). It also will not fix anything that is wrong with how Vivaldi is functioning.

    If something has gone wrong with your install, you want to refresh your profile. This also will preserve your data.

  • @p75213 If you refer to the news headline URLs, they don't re-direct but open up as windows on the same page. Make sure your ad-block/script-block extensions allow them to.

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    @0asdf So when you say "URLs" you mean links. When I click on the headline links on that page in any browser, the headline page is covered by a popup/popover that covers the entire page. The home page is not replaced, it stays there and is covered by the popup. The same happens in Vivaldi, except in Vivaldi the popup only covers most of the page, not all of it. The user does not go to a new page in any browser that I tried.

  • @ayespy Yes, I know that, I just wanted to confirm the author know how that particular site works (headline page opens as a popup, and not a new tab), if he's talking about the headline links.


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    @0asdf You're right. I answered the wrong person. Meant to answer the OP, and answered you instead. Oops.


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