Should Microsoft be allowed to force Windows 10 users to use Edge?


    Look like Opera, Vivaldi, & EU are going to have another good-old-fashion field trip with Micro$oft on Antitrust laws & end with a few billion $$$ fines. Micro$oft never learn from their history, so they can't help but keep repeating the same mistake. Maybe EU should ask 'em to continue promote other browsers on Windows for another 5 years?

  • While I agree that Microsoft shouldn't be pushing their software on users, there is definitely not the same argument as last time.

    When the EU went after MS for pushing IE as the default browser, IE had a monopoly and doing so prevented competition. Microsoft pushing the Edge browser isn't quite in the same league as before as now chrome is the most widely used browser, and Edge is (one of) the underdogs.

    I'm not saying its right, but the scenario is different.

  • @lonm What M$ try to do is still consider as antitrust violation, because M$ still have ONE BIG Monopoly market in Operation System (Windows). What get M$ into trouble last time is they use monopoly in Windows to gain unrivaled advantage in another market (IE browser).

    Now, preventing Windows 10 user from using competitors' browser/email client with artificial restriction is anti-consumer, because they are taking advantage of the majority, not-so-smart consumers. M$ knows the simple-minded consumer will most likely to use the default browser/email client push by Windows 10.

    Some smarter consumer will fightback, but they are just the minority. Hopefully the backlash will make enough noise & get a lot more attention. Antitrust laws are not just to keep the playground fair for everyone, but to protect consumer from predatory & cynical manipulative practice such as this.

  • I would ask another question. Why am I forced to purchase Windows when buying a PC/laptop? To this day the operating system is preloaded and besides from building the PC yourself, or restricting yourself to the few laptop models that come with Linux, it's just on there and I have to pay for it (however small the prize might be). That's far more retarded than Windows pushing Edge, although I can understand that this can become annoying and Microsoft is doing Microsoft things.

    Apple isn't any better forcing iOS users to run a webkit based browser and Google is in most cases exploding on you with an array of preinstalled apps and services when you are going for Android... I don't think any of these companies can be stopped, they don't care paying a few billions and moving on with a slightly adjusted plan.

  • Ahhhhh, Linux, Linux, Linux... So happy, so free, so splendid, so... non-Dark Side.

  • @steffie there just needs to be a nice user friendly way of getting media tools working (and things like widevine) and we truly will be in the age of the Linux desktop.

    You know... Right when a lot people stop using desktops completely. Better late than never I guess 😥


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