Full Page Screenshot for custom scrolling element

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    Hi. I have a some specific designed website and want to make a full screenshot of a all long page. For example, try to make a full page screenshot in https://www.necjar.com/projects and you will see -- the only visible area is appeared in screenshot.

    Example of bug

    Also a question:
    Is it possible to say to Vivaldi what element is scrolling? Something like:
    <div data-vivaldi-scrolling=true>I'm scrolling element, capture me, Vivaldi.</div>

    Sorry for my English. Thank you.

  • I don't really see that being easy. This webpage isn't using a standard overflow scroll like the rest of the web (It looks non-standard).

    It would be tricky because every site that does this kind of thing will have its own way of implementing it, and Vivaldi would have to figure out and support each and every one.

    Also, its worth noting that when you do scroll, the whole page doesn't move (the sidebar looks like it stays in place) and while that might be OK in this specific instance it would make a general "apply the scroll event, screenshot and repeat until bottom of page, then stitch" pattern of solving the problem difficult as things might not line up properly.


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