Capture Feature - Stealing Focus

  • I find the Capture feature to be a very helpful addition. But one thing about it that I find annoying is that, after any capture, focus is immediately switched to the capture destination folder. Often I make a series of captures but don't want to see or work with them immediately.

    I think it would be great to have the option to have focus remain on the browser after capture, or to open the destination folder in the background.

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    @steveh64 If it would open File Manager in the background, then it would open one instance for each screen shot. I don't think that would be useful.

    An option to not open File Manager would be good. One can set the preferred destination, so it's not hard to find all of the captures in My Pictures (or wherever) after capturing multiple images.

  • @pesala , I use XYplorer , which has the option to allow only single instances, as my file manager. However, my own preference would be for Capture not to open the default file manager at all.

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