How long will the GPOs for Flash be supported?

  • Hi,

    Is there any official information on whether the GPOs

    • URLWhitelist
    • URLBlacklist
    • DefaultPluginsSetting
    • AllowOutdatedPlugins
    • AlwaysAuthorizePlugins

    are going to be supported until the end of Flash Support? Or will they be removed prior to the date "End of 2020".

    We need to support internal Flash applications (hosted in IIS WebApplications) without annoying our users for as long as possible...
    Other GPOs which enable flash and stop Vivaldi from asking users to enable it over and over again would help, too. Or maybe there are possibilities other than GPOs to achieve this.

    Also, is there a way to permanently enable flash on Apple (which as far as I know doesn't support GPOs), at least for whitelisted sites?

    thanks in advance,

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