How to clean shortcuts?

  • Hi. I'm trying to personalise the keyboard shortcuts, and I want to clean some of it because I don't use it. But I don't know how to clean it because it takes any key I press as the shortcut. Thanks.

  • Hmmm… Interesting problem. I assume you want to "blank" some of the existing shortcut fields. If so, I also cannot find a way to do it in my 32-bit Vivaldi on 32-bit Win7.

    Furthermore, the Restore Default Keys button also does not seem to work at all. However, if by any chance you're looking for a way to restore the default shortcut keys, I believe you can simply Exit from Vivaldi, rename the Shortcuts and Shortcuts-journal files in your profile, then restart Vivaldi and it will re-create the files with the default values.

  • Yeah, I'd also Like to know. I've been trying to do this too and have been unable to clear keys.
    Also I can't seem to find a way to add multiple keyboard shortcut combinations to the same action, like some of the defaults.

    Nice tip gdveggie's, bt the way


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