Opera skin for Vivaldi

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    I love the Opera skin, and I really don't care for the Vivaldi skin. So I decided to make my own (Windows 10)!

    If anyone's interested, here is the CSS:

    Settings in Vivaldi:

    • Appearance:
      Show Window Background Image. Scale to fit.
      Use this image:

    • Themes
      Bakground: #f7f9fa
      Foreground: #343131 (or something black)
      Highlight: #006ed7 (doesnt really matter)
      Accent: #e8e9eb
      Apply Accent Color To Window
      Transparent Tabs

    It's not perfect! Took me an hour and half. Feel free to post suggestions.

    Disclaimer: It's for Windows 10 only. I have not touched any other part of the interface. This particular setup suits my resolution and DPI. Your milage may vary.

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