Help me to restore the toolbars

  • Hello!

    I love Vivaldi, but I accidentally pressed some keyboard shortcut and now I cant see any tabs or URL bar. What can I do? Cant find any help, I cant basically use my browser, cant go to any website etc.

    Thank you


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    @krteczek Press F11

  • also found bug on this forum, when I tried to post a topic, I was getting an error that I have to wait 240seconds before my first post. Then I waited, but when I reposted the saved post template, the topic header remained as it is now. Lol, sadly I cannot edit this topic.

    • I Found it, it's CTRL+F11
      F11 is just full screen mode, this screen was not taken as fullscreen, just current window.

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    @krteczek Click that little gear at the bottom left and see if you have turned off the address bar and the tab bar.

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    @krteczek Better still, click the "V" in the upper left hand corner, select "View." and see what is set to be displayed.

  • @krteczek
    Hi, the forum was spammed a lot and now new user have to wait until they get 3 upvotes, iirc.

    Cheers, mib

  • Thanks for your effort, but CTRL+F11 seems to be some special view mode for the browser, which cannot be set by any of those options. Unfortunately you cannot undone that view by any quick settings in there.

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    @krteczek And in the menu/view list? what is checked as being visible?

  • @ayespy I solved it by pressing that shortcut CTRL+F11 again. The problem was I had no clue what the shortcut was in the first place. Thanks!

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    @ayespy There is no obvious way to escape from Chromeless Mode if you don't know how you got there.

    0_1522186812201_Chromeless Mode View Menu.png

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    I see. The problem was that in my particular theme, the "Close" X in the red box at the top right is not visible here in chromeless mode, and neither is the left panel. So I was not able to replicate the view the user had.

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    Oh, yes - and user appears to be using Native Window, which I don't.

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    Dang. So, to replicate that view, it is necessary to activate Native Window, hit Ctrl+F11 to turn off chrome, and then press F4 to get the side panel back. I'll have to remember this.

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    @ayespy I am not using native window, but it's still a problem to exit Chromeless mode if you don't know the shortcut.

    I will submit a bug report as Ctrl F11 (or whatever shortcut is assigned should be shown somewhere. Chromeless mode persists after a restart with Last Session too.

    (VB-38984) Too Hard to Exit Chromeless Mode

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    @pesala I understand about the native window - but here, that is what it took to see the window controls with no chrome.

  • wow, I Am amazed about your effort and care that you put into this and how community is getting really great support. Just wow.

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