(Amazon) Streams dont work correctly

  • Hello,

    first sorry for my english xD

    i have an issue since today.
    when i try to watch a amazon prime video - i already started or watched before - it wont load.
    Amazon tells me there is a delay and keeps loading.
    I can watch those episodes of the tv-serial which i did not watch before. With those there seams to be no problem.
    I cant tell if this problem would be on other streaming sides too, because i didnt use any.

    When i watch the same "old" Episodes with chrome - there is no issue. The videos are playing fine.

    I started to watch a "new" movie today - this is working too.

    Also the whole pc is lagging for a few seconds, when loading the overview side of this serial.

    I already recreated my vivaldi profile (renaming "default" profile folder).
    But this did not fix the problem.

    Does anyone have another suggestion?
    Thank you!

    EDIT: almost forgot: This issue started today BEFORE the vivaldi update. And installing the update didnt change anything.
    (MOD EDIT: some spelling for reader comprehension)

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    @nessasitri said in (Amazon) Streams dont work correctly:

    Does anyone have another suggestion?

    Search before posting. See This earlier thread

  • Well, thanks for your kind reply.

    There is nothing in this post that helped me out.
    i cant find a switch in the developement tools either.

    and as i said - its only happening with episodes i already watched once befor.
    Other videos on prime are ok, as i can say.

    i saw this post too:

    i dont have a problem starting the video mentioned in this post.
    But maybe its related somehow.


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