Peacekeeper Benchmarking change?

  • Has Peacekeeper changed in some way? I think the opening screen is different and since I noticed that I've also noticed a 500 point drop in results of both PCXFirefox and MXnitro? I was getting 5500 is PCX regular but trying the new version I dropped the 500 and the same with MXnitro? Maybe its just a drop in the new versions but I sense it might be peacekeeper. See if any of your older versions of browsers still give the old figure. For my 2.6ghz I5 laptop nothing comes close to PCX scoring as I said it was 5500 whilst the rest were lucky to push 4000 usually 3300-4000. I think the Vivaldi this time around only came out as 3300. Yes I know its not real world but its still fun and Mozilla is now the king of the Peacekeeper after being the dog.

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