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    I'd like to discover the reason for my browser crashes, as I'm suspecting extensions - how can I enable/view error logging? - unless my search term(s) are poor (i.e. "crash, log, logging"), surprisingly this is the only relevant thread I could find on the topic

    Please feel free to direct me to documentation or else may I suggest something is published

    Let me know if you have any issues - happy to help

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  • Seems like you found the correct thread. Additional info:
    Also I think it's unlikely an extension is crashing your browser. If an extension fails, it just stops executing – this shouldn't have any relevance concerning the performance of the rest of the browser.

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    @ldexterldesign On macOS, most application errors can be viewed using "" (It's located in "/Applications/Utilities" ; You can also invoke it from "Lauchpad" -- it's in the "Other" program group.)

    If Vivaldi actually crashed, you can review the crash logs by launching, then click "User Diagnostic Reports" on the left panel.

    You can also use to view errors that Vivaldi may have logged while it was running. Click on "All Messages" on the left panel, then enter "Vivaldi" in the search field.

    Launching Vivaldi with error logging is an option as well but this produces LOTS of output and much of it is meaningless unless you're a Chromium developer.

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