Option to lower priority/resources for newly open (unread) background tab

  • Currently if you open multiple tab in succession, Vivaldi will become very unresponsive & unusable for awhile (except scrolling up/down on current tab), doing anything else will cause Vivaldi to hang for long period of time until most background tab are loaded. I'm not sure if this is a bug or flaw in chromium browser, but i have reported this problem over 12 months ago, but there are still no improvement/solution to this problem.

    Now, I would like to suggest adding option to lower priority/resources for newly open background tab. The idea is newly open background tab are unimportant while it's loading, thus Vivaldi shouldn't allocate too much resources to background tab loading & causing overall performance to suffer. Instead, it should be cap & regulated to prevent bottleneck when there are too many new/unread background tab opened by user.

    Chromium already support Throttle expensive background timers & Pause background tabs to minimize background tabs' impact on performance. Thus, it make sense to limit the resources for new/unread background tabs loading to further maintaining overall performance.



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