Vivaldi - Difficulty making Vivaldi the default browser

  • I have made vivaldi the default browser in the apps section of windows but when ever I launch Vivaldi it says that it isn't my default browser and redirects me to the settings page where you can change it to default. I don't know why this problem is occuring, I have even tried changing certain protocols specifically to Vivaldi incase windows accidently didn't make vivaldi the default for that. If anyone could help me resolve this issue that would be great and I would be very appreciative.

    Info: I have Windows 10 Pro, Vivaldi (64-bit)

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    @lavasquid Hm. No such problem here. But Windows 10 is very erratic about assigning default programs which are not from Microsoft.

    I have done the same as you - assigned it in the Windows dialogue for picking default programs - and then when certain web destinations opened in something else, I went back and assigned all such links or protocols to Vivaldi. The only thing I can think of is you might not have checked "set as default" in Vivaldi settings, and might have left "check on startup" checked.

  • There is no checkbox for Vivaldi as default in the settings and i have left the check on startup on because I want to make sure windows doesn't change it automatically. I thought that option shouldn't matter if Vivaldi is truly the default program.

  • @lavasquid said in Vivaldi - Difficulty making Vivaldi the default browser:

    There is no checkbox for Vivaldi as default in the settings

    Not a checkbox, but there is a setting under Tools/Settings/Startup
    But you should have it set already as it is just above the "check on startup" checkmark.

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    @lavasquid Did you by any chance install Vivaldi as a standalone?

  • @tbgbe When I click that it just opens the defaults app section in apps & features.

  • @ayespy No i'm pretty sure it's a multi-user install - Vivaldi(64-bit). But i have noticed something else which might relate to the problem in some way, I have a task bar shortcut which normally shows plenty of options when right clicked, for example directly open a new incognito page, or a certain page from the speed dial, but I have noticed none of these options show anymore. The only option that shows is to open Vivaldi, not even the incognito page setting shows up.

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    @lavasquid That's what it's supposed to do.

    If Windows "registers" Vivaldi as "default" and then fails to respect or save it, then you may have a registry problem in Windows. Uninstalling Vivaldi (leave the folder there - just uninstall the app), cleaning the registry (I normally shy away from registry cleaners - they can create their own problems - but sometimes it's necessary), and then re-installing it (this time try user-only, not multi-user) might fix it.

    If I'm not mistaken, multi-user installs to Program Files (x86) or to Program Files. It's not usual, but I have seen this give Windows UAC fits. On the other hand, a VERY small sliver of Vivaldi users have claimed auto-updates didn't work for them unless they moved their install to one of these folders

    I have five installations of Vivaldi, different versions for different purposes, all in the Users/USER/appdata/local directory, and have just one of them, a standalone, (which I instructed Windows to register when I installed it, using the advanced install option) set as my default. All works as expected, and all of the update when I ask them to.

    On another machine, when I installed Vivaldi to the Program Files folder, it gave me no end of grief - but I think I installed it there as single-user.

  • Are you currently trying to improve this because I think most people want all users to have vivaldi and not just one user. BTW is the standalone version portable through a usb, and be able to be made default when detected by windows.

  • Also, what about right click on the icon in the taskbar, it shows none of the options that it used to like explained above.

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    @lavasquid I don't work for Vivaldi. I'm a volunteer tester and moderator.

    The installer is always monitored for possible improvements, and has been changed a number of times already. But at least half of the problems are with Windows, not Vivaldi. It can only be "improved" just so much, without MS recognizing Vivaldi as a valid browser in the same way it does Chrome, Firefox, etc. Then, too, Windows has to stop making irregular changes to registry with updates. Recently, for instance, I had to clean the registry of an older Win10 machine just to install a printer. It would install on other Win10 machines, but not that one. On reg clean, the machine suddenly recognized 10 print "devices," where it had previously only seen one (which it had locked to the only USB virtual printer port.) Last week, a Windows update caused a machine here to begin booting the wrong drive. So there's that.

    Again, multi-user installs usually go fine. When they don't, it's a real pain.

    The right-click on the taskbar failing to display the regular menu is another sign that your Windows registry is messed up. Here, I have 3 Vivalidi's on the task bar and all show a normal context menu.

    Standalone can't be made fully portable yet, but with the maturation of sync, that should become possible.

    Another thing occurred to me: Do you run any 3rd party security software? It can create similar problems.

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    @ayespy Comment: Multi-user is a bit of false economy. It installs a single executable in the program files directory, but still has to install a unique user data file for each user. Each user still has to set up the browser however they want it, and care for their own data. The amount of disk space consumed by each application folder is less than 400MB. The user experience is no different with single-user, except that each user has control over whether their copy updates or not, and isn't forced onto the new version each time "the machine" updates. So Multi-user, to my mind, offers few advantages - and is slightly less secure.

    I agree multi-user should be without issues, and for the most part it is. But sometimes...

  • What about the task bar issue, when i right click the task bar icon it only shows Vivaldi no other options like open in incognito mode or any of the speed dial shortcuts.

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    @lavasquid Again: symptom of a messed-up registry. Did you try cleaning it yet?

  • Yes i used ccleaner and the restarted computer

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    @lavasquid Bummer. Did you try installing with all of the default settings (installs in your user profile, not in Program Files)?

  • i think it just overwrite the user files that are there currently, it doesn't make any new shortcut or anything

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    @lavasquid It should move the executable and make a new shortcut. It might not touch the user data files.


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