Still no icon or internetpage name in Speed Dial?

  • Hi

    Trying Vivaldi again to see if there was something new on "missing" icons or name on internetpages in Speed Dial, like in Opera browser.

    But dissapionting to see that it is still missing.

    Any news on if this will be available sometime?

    It's the only reason why I don't leave Opera and switch to Vivaldi for good.


  • @jarmush There is nothing wrong with the startpage.
    Setup names and buttons here: vivaldi://settings/startpage/
    You should declare a bookmarks folder to be display as speed dial too. Right click a folder in bookmarks panel or on bookmarks page (vivaldi://bookmarks/) to use it as speed dial.

  • Sorry, maybe I was not clear in my first post, but what I wanted was to have thumbnails or icons on my speed dials, like in Opera browser, and not a picture of the internet page.

    I know it's possible to download GIF's or pictures to use as speed dials in Vivaldi, but in Opera browser the speed dial thumbnails/icons was alreade "ready to use" without having to download anything when I was making new speed dials.

  • Moderator

    @jarmush More Speed Dial options will be available down the road. For now, custom images is the best the team can do with the time and resources available.

  • Moderator, thank you for answering.

    I'll just stick around and wait for better options using speed dials, befor I switch to Vivaldi browser for good.

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