Exporting Notes

  • Perhaps the ability to export Notes, perhaps as a .txt or .odt file? Thanks!

  • @paulcoholic Do you mean for individual notes? You can already export your notes database as a .json file by copying it from the profile folder listed in vivaldi://about.

  • @lonm That's a little cumbersome. I was thinking of a function that operated similar to exporting/importing bookmarks. Within Vivaldi, click on File----> Export Notes. Or within the Notes Panel itself.

    (Not a big deal, just a "It would be nice to have.")

  • I was looking for this feature and found this topic. So yeah, I also think it would be an really nice addition to export them as txt/md. Or, even better, to be able to define a custom location for those files to save them directly to a cloud-synced folder.

  • Workaround - script in Python 3.x that exports content of all notes to text file

    import json
    notes_path = "C:/Users/xxx/AppData/Local/Vivaldi/User Data/Default/Notes"
    output_path = "C:/Users/xxx/Desktop/Notes.txt"
    class Note:
        def __init__(self, id, subject, content, type, url):
            self.id = id
            self.subject = subject
            self.content = content
            self.type = type
            self.url = url
    flattened_notes = {}
    def load(node, path):
        for item in node['children']:
            if item['type'] == 'note':
                process_note(item, path)
            elif item['type'] == 'folder' or item['type'] == 'other' or item['type'] == 'trash':
                load(item, path + item['id'] + '\\')
    def process_note(note, path):
        flattened_notes[note['id']] = Note(note['id'], note['subject'], note['content'], note['type'], note['url'])
    with open(notes_path, mode='r', encoding="utf8") as file:
        notes = json.load(file)
    load(notes, '')
    print('Loaded notes: ' + str(len(flattened_notes.keys())))
    with open(output_path, mode='w', encoding="utf8") as file:
        for key, item in flattened_notes.items():
            file.write('Subject: ' + item.subject + '\n')
            file.write('URL: ' + item.url + '\n')
            file.write(item.content + '\n')

  • Export selected notes (with/without screenshotes) to pdf/txt/html/doc/odt ... file.


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