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    Notes in a full tab with additional tools. Something like History and Bookmarks tabs.

  • @cheve11e_191 Please vote for the existing feature request Open Notes in a Tab from the Start Page Navigation Bar and/or the similar thread Open Notes in a Tab with a Double-click

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    @pesala, please do not mark everything as a duplicate, but first ask what the user thought.

    Because if you use your brain, I require a complete and elaborate note manager (editor), with additional tools like highlighting, font change, adding pictures to the text, export to different executable files (.doc, .txt) and so on. Not "Expand the notes panel" (bigger view) or not only "Open the notes in the tab".

  • @cheve11e_191 LonM's request also asks for markup tools. I don't know what else you expect to be able to add to notes.

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    @pesala I will not repeat what I wrote above. Read it.
    Also, try to use a writing program like MS Word, Libreoffice or classic WordPad, and this will help you answer to your question too.

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    I think at that point the question starts to turn into "what is meant by a note". This might be the simplest thing, such as Windows 10's sticky notes that don't even have formatting support or organisation of any kind.

    To me, a note is something with the simplest of formatting (markdown does this pretty well) and organising (a tree of folders).

    I guess for different people more advanced features - such as MS's OneNote which has highlighting and all the features of the Word engine with a special tabbed organising interface - are what are considered notes.

    It's tricky to pinpoint exactly what is required. As an example, in Vivaldi's notes full support for this was only recently made available. I find Markdown support to be a perfectly natural thing to include, but Vivaldi is a browser for power users, so additional features shouldn't be struck out entirely (I think I saw some people advocating LaTeX equation support at one point).

    A thought for the far future would be an extension API might be introduced allowing custom renderers to enable support for advanced features (beyond just markdown), and an easy way to access the notes allowing for exporting or printing.

  • @lonm Completely agree. The only thing "similar" to what you say I've seen in Maxthon and its notes manager Maxnote with synchronization in the cloud, and that has a certain resemblance to Evernote.
    Although it's free, all your information will be found on servers in China (...)

    Vivaldi could face the matter in two steps:

    • Make a simple, pleasant note manager that accepts rich text, Evernote simile without all its adornments and with direct copying of content from the web. Could be_
      a- shading text and with key combination / right click save quickly.
      b- with an icon included type pocket + firefox.

    • Later incorporate synchronization in the cloud. They could put some of the best known services (dropbox, gdrive, onedrive) but especially to a server Nextcloud type since there is nothing like it, and I think that those who use Vivaldi are a somewhat more demanding profile, as you say.

    Sorry for my mad english :-p

  • @cheve11e_191 Now you're being ridiculous as well as insulting me for not reading your post and not using my brain.

    These are notes with support for markup. This feature request asks for Exporting Notes.

    Notes in a browser do not need the features of a word-processor. Highlighting, etc., even tables, can be done with markup.

    What you're requesting is clearly a non-starter.

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    @pesala said in Notes Manager:

    Notes in a browser do not need the features of a word-process. Highlighting, etc., even tables, can be done with markup.

    yes no doubt 😅 because surely every user is as skilled as you to know how to orient and use markup. Excellent thinking 😒

  • @cheve11e_191 There is no reason why buttons cannot be added for adding markup just as we have in the forum reply editor. There would be plenty of space for that if the Notes were in a Tab. Exporting to *.doc format or the level of formatting found in word-processors is crazy.

    Think Notepad2 not LibreOffice or Word. Previous requests already cover this. Do we really need another thread for this?


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