Copy Image not getting to clipboard Windows x64

  • Report bugs Please write your bug reports in clear English. Before filing, please have at look at our forums to see if your issue is reported already. Fields marked with * are required. Summary * [b]Copy Image not getting to clipboard Windows x64[/b] Address (URL) where it occurred [b]various[/b] Describe (in steps) how to reproduce the bug [b]1. right click on image in webpage 2. select copy image 3. go to word doc and rightclick 4. paste zippo, nothing [/b] What did you expect to happen * [b]image pasted to word doc[/b] What actually happened * [b]what ever was last in clipboard is pasted NOT the image[/b] Operating system * [b]Win7 x64[/b] Email (in case we need to get in touch) * [b]AND OBVIOUSLY YOUR FORM ISN't WORKING IN x 64 version[/b]

  • Moderator

    "various" is not a valid URL format. If that's what you put in the form, then for that reason only, the form won't work (and ironically, on ANY other browser than Vivaldi, an error message pops up telling you that, For some reason Vivaldi does not display the error message).

    So I'm sure the developers are happy to have your bug report, and if you try again to use the bug reporting page for something that is not related to any actual URL, feel free to put in that space, "http:// somevalidurl. com" (without the spaces) or whatever you like that is formatted like a URL but doesn't really go anywhere. Then the form will post.


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