Big ui with Easter build

  • I updated to the Easter build and the first start of Vivaldi was good. But after I closed it, the ui was much bigger than before. [attachment=971]Screenshot7.png[/attachment] (compared to notepad) Attachments: [img][/img]

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    Please provide all of your platform and Vivaldi version information and any extensions you may have installed. VERY random and sporadic reports like this are coming in with no clue what causes it and no solution as yet, so the more you can tell the developers, the better.

  • Here is my system using:

    • Windows 10 Build 10041
    • Vivaldi

    I am updating to the newest Win10 Build at the moment and will report if the problem still exists.

    I remember that Windows did set the text-size automatically to 150% when installing WIndows. I manually resetted it to 100% but it still looks like 150%.
    The problem happened after second start of updating Vivaldi to

    I hope that helps.


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