Quick commands and filtering browser history

  • Hello everybody,

    I recognized that the quick command can filter entries from browser history. But only from sites I have visited today or since opening the browser window.

    Is this a bug ?

    It would be great if the filtering in quick commands would filter the whole history.
    When I work with a ticket system I often have to open a ticket by number from earlier days.
    These tickets are not in the result of the quick command. Only when I had the tab opened earlier that day.

    Perhaps this behaviour has something to do with the performance of the quick command feature.

  • Moderator

    @goerk I can see a page in Quick Commands that I visited a week ago. Perhaps you have recently cleared your browsing history?

  • @Pesala
    Thank you for your quick answer.

    I did not cleared my browsing history.
    When I start typing the ticket number in the URL bar the site is shown under visited label. With quick command not - I only can see the tickets I have watched today.

    I can see this behaviour on Windows and on Mac.
    I save browser history for 3 month.

    When it works for you it is perhaps a configuration "thing" with me.

    Thank you very much.

  • OK. I have tested a bit.

    On my mac I use the stable version of Vivaldi.
    In the configuration of the quick command the checkbox on limit the results was checked. After unchecking the checkbox it works correct on my mac.

    On Windows I use the snapshot version of Vivaldi.
    Here it works after I have opened the browser history.
    Before I have opened the history the quick command gives me only the history results of the current day.

    Thank you.


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