Tiring design flaw closes multiple tabs.

  • Yes i've been with Vivaldi since the beginning. The team is doing a great job, but:

    Please, please correct this design flaw before i go postal.

    Please remove the option 'close other tabs' right beneath the option 'close this tab'

    Many times my mouse cursor has accidentally slipped, and a critical session consisting of hundreds of tabs, days of research has been wiped out.

    Ruined, because of that option, over and over again.

    Could the devs please do something about this?


    edit: now i have someone editing the topic and contents of this post? inserting sentences i never wrote? What's going on?

    Mod edit: I removed your inflammatory and disrespectful language, which is not permitted in the forums. Ayespy, Vivaldi moderator.

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    @moomin Please change your settings under menu/tools/settings/tabs/tab handling to "Close tab on double click." This will save you the time of opening the context menu to close a tab, and eliminate the risk of closing multiple tabs. I assume, since you are working with hundreds of tabs, you must have the close button not displayed. When you do this, the best option is to close with double-click.

    If for some reason this simply cannot work for you, then you can put in a feature request at https://forum.vivaldi.net/category/113/feature-requests and ask other users to upvote it.

  • @ayespy thanks for the reply, but no. I browse so hard my mouse micro switches regularly give up, which starts with a single click being interpreted as a double click, which is why i can't use that option. What i'm saying is, there at least needs to be a confirmation dialogue so you can opt out of closing all tabs, and going postal.

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    @moomin And, as I mentioned, when you can't use the options that are available, the best thing for you is to make a feature request at https://forum.vivaldi.net/category/113/feature-requests . I think that's your best option.

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    There have been numerous requests to change the order of various menus. It is best to Allow Editing of Menus, then everyone can suit themselves.


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