*Solved for now* Extension or way to disable this Youtube floating window?

  • I think it was today that I noticed on one of my desktop machines that once I clicked the thumb mouse button to navigate back to the Youtube search result list it did two things:
    a) it went back to the list and
    b) it kept the video I did not want to see any more playing in a floating window. One more annoying click to have silence again.

    Yes, I'm searching for a desktop solution to this, not for mobile devices. Thankfully in NewPipe (Android @F-Droid store) this is optional and does not require logging in.

    So, is there a way to achieve this by either an extension, custom script or would it be some uBlock Origin filter rule?
    I do not want to use cookies with that site, log in/be logged in and only being able to disable it through YT account preferences.

    Merci bien, grazie mille, спасибо, Danke and thanks a bunch in advance. 😉


  • I can't recreate this behaviour.

  • @rogerwilco
    For now I believe that I have found a working solution for Youtube and the things I wanted to gain control over by

    • Iridium extension
    • ImprovedTube extension
      I may be able to reduce that to one of those.

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