[1.15.1132.3] Mouse exit events ignored in UI?

  • Hopefully this isn't old news but I can't immediately find anything similar by searching. I've been trying to track down some weird mouse behavior lately that seems to all come back to mouse exit events not being handled in the UI.

    It's easiest to explain with pictures:

    Bookmark Mouse Exit Example

    Hovering over a bookmark bar item highlights it and triggers the tooltip. Moving between items switches the highlight and tooltip. However, moving the pointer down into the page doesn't cause the highlight to drop or the tooltip to disappear. They remain until I click on something in the page.

    Scrollbar Mouse Exit Example

    Here, if I click and drag the scrollbar's thumb and release while still over it, it works normally. However, if I still have the mouse button down as I move off of the thumb, it stays highlighted even after I release the mouse button, and if I move the pointer back over the scrollbar the thumb immediately jumps to that point as if I'm still clicking and dragging it.

    I'm not sure when I first started seeing this, but I'm running 1.15.1132.3 now and also noticed this in at least the previous snapshot release. I can reproduce it on my Win7 desktop and my Win8 laptop. I haven't noticed any other unusual behavior with mouse events elsewhere in Vivaldi or in other applications. Is there anything that could be triggering this on my end or are these events just not getting handled?

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    @mikey This is new in the 1.15 branch. Would you be so kind as to read this little intro and then file a bug report?

  • @ayespy Will do shortly, thanks.

  • In case anyone else runs into this or needs to refer to it, bug report is VB-38880.

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    @mikey I confirmed it in the bug tracker, which puts it into the workflow.

  • Hello, I came here especially to see if anyone else was experiencing this bug. For me, it often manifests itself when clicking to scroll large web pages, and causes the entire page to scroll unexpectedly or for the scroll bar to 'stick' to the mouse. I thought it might be a sticky mouse button at first, but it only happens when using Vivaldi.

    I can confirm the exact same behaviors as the OP, and have also noticed issues with tool bar tips appearing unexpectedly in the middle of pages which require a click to dismiss. This is starting to become quite a serious usability issue for me, as I read many large documents and rely on mouse button clicks to scroll a page (using a laptop with no scroll wheel), and am constantly having to re-locate the point in the document I was reading from. Not ideal!

    P.s. I have been using Vivaldi since the first release and love it. Keep up the good work!

  • Hi, I experience exactly same problem. I reported it as VB-38698. I have no idea what is the status of this. The bug is irritating as hell, to be sure.
    It also happens for all scroll bars (vertical and horizontal) when mouse goes outside of the main window while scrolling. The mouse capture is lost and then scroll goes sticky.

  • Just to close the loop here, looks like this has been fixed in 1.15.1147.23.


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