Can't get into settings

  • As the subject says, I can't get into settings. I updated to the latest version and went to check something. It came up once, I closed it, and now I can't get into it.

    Any suggestions?

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    @fweezal How are you trying to get into it? Do any keyboard shortcuts work?

    • Alt+P will open settings. If it's already open, it will come to the front.
    • The icon at the bottom of the Panels Toolbar will also open Settings.
    • It can also be opened from the Tools menu with Alt, T, S.

  • As a temporary workaround, you can go to vivaldi://settings/ in the address bar.

    I updated my Windows build to 1.15.1132.3 and settings seems to open fine for me.

    Just for fun, I updated my Linux build to snapshot 1.15.1132.3, and settings won't open at all. None of the menu options or the gear icon work to open Settings. I also cannot exit the browser by using the Exit menu option.

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