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  • I know there are lots of forum threads on workarounds bringing RSS into Vivaldi but despite wasting time trying various approaches, I still haven't found something suitable.

    And I find it quite extraordinary that in 4 years worth of constant threads about RSS, that there still isn't a native solution.

    All I am seeking is the ability to add web panel for an RSS reader so that I can view latest posts from various feeds without leaving the Vivaldi browser.

    The best I have come up with is installing the Chrome extension 'The RSS Aggregator' and then adding that chrome extension URL to a web panel but is clunky at best.

    Surely there is a native RSS feed reader by now that you can add as a web panel in Vivaldi? If not, why not? It has been requested for the past 4 years.

    Can anyone shed any light or offer a decent solution (that doesn't just iframe someone else's interface or use a non-supported/discontinued product)?


  • @zigojacko said in Another RSS thread!:

    why not

    • Because doing so would be an immense about of work
    • Currently vivaldi has few resources
    • If the RSS reader is to be like classic opera's, having the ground framework for mail first may make sense

  • @zigojacko said in Another RSS thread!:

    a decent solution

    Your idea of placing an extension into a web panel is what I do, and that works well. I did some extra modifications to my extension style so that it would all fit into one vertical column.

  • Thanks for your replies @LonM - what extension are you using in your web panel?

  • @zigojacko I'm using this one: which isn't maintained anymore. From what I can tell, it's very similar to the RSS Aggregator.

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    I use Martin Kadlec's Smart RSS and RSS Detector (for a clickable RSS icon in addressbar). Download the two files, rename them to .crx and drag one after the other in opened Extension Manager tab.

  • Okay thanks. I just tried installing those but nothing happens when I drag the Smart RSS (.crx) to the Vivaldi extensions page but the RSS Detector extension installed. Thanks anyway.

    Frustrating that no workaround seems to work properly :/

    Are we able to get an idea of whether a native RSS reader will be implemented and if so, when? Cheers

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    @zigojacko said in Another RSS thread!:

    Are we able to get an idea of whether a native RSS reader will be implemented and if so, when?

    That would be, "When it's ready." Sorry - nothing more definite can be offered.

  • @ayespy Interesting, I was of the impression that an inbuilt RSS reader is off the table. At least no one is working on or looking into it at the moment, which turns this WIR into a "let's talk about it again in 2 or 3 years".

    @zigojacko Anyway, I wouldn't recommend Smart RSS, it has serious flaws and isn't being updated anymore. The RSS Aggregator (shortName Smarter RSS!!) is the successor of Smart RSS and it's available on the Chrome Webstore (automatic updates in Vivaldi).

    Another interesting option is running a newsfeed yourself right from the panel. Take a look at this thread:

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    @luetage Jon told me in person that it's always been under consideration as part of the browser. Nothing was projected as to "when," and no one, to my knowledge, is working on it. Obviously, there are no guarantees.

  • Just chiming in, I would very much welcome an RSS view.

  • Erinome RSS - Chrome Web Store
    RSS reader, a modded port of 'Smart RSS' for Opera by Martin Kadlec
    Erinome RSS Detector - Chrome Web Store

    The Erinome are more up to date than The RSS Aggregator

    Zebra RSS - Chrome Web Store
    Zebra RSS is a simple RSS/Atom feed reader in your browser.

    Zebra RSS is more up to date than the Erinome and looking at the images seems interesting.
    I have not the time to try them on Vivaldi right now.

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