Vivaldi for IOS/Android.

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    Yes, I know that they said they won't do a IOS version because you can't make a app with the features to the degree they want, but still, SYNC is very important, and that could work, and probably a bunch of other features not available in safari.

    As for android. Please hurry up, just release one with sync and then start adding all the cool features later.

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    @azenix said in Vivaldi for IOS/Android.:

    you can't make a app with the features to the degree they want

    You can't make a browser for IOS period, unless you build it on Apple's version of WebKit - which would mean starting over altogether. The Android version has been started. But never say never. It only took Opera something like 9 years to build a browser that Apple would accept into the Apple Store.

  • @ayespy Wouldn't you say that's a rather large exaggeration? The App Store was launched in July 2008 and Opera had a browser in it by April 2010.

    I understand that the Vivaldi team does not want to make a browser (read: WebKit skin) for iOS due to Apple's restrictions. However, I am still keeping my fingers crossed for something for those of us with iPhone's. Even if it is a companion sync app that allows us to get see our Bookmarks and open tabs.

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    @shrinra To my knowledge (and I could be mis-remembering) Opera was working on an Apple-ready browser from 2001. The introduction of Apple Store and its restrictions was a bottleneck.

  • @ayespy The iPhone/iOS wasn't unveiled until 2007 and third-party apps were not possible until the introduction of the App Store a year later in 2008. The only browser that they could have been working on in 2001 was a version for the then new Mac OS X, but it is a much more open platform and they've never had trouble or faced restrictions in supporting it. You could even get Opera on the really old Classic Mac OS from the 90s. I must admit to being rather confused

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    @shrinra It's been a long time, and I was never an Apple user (at least not since the Apple 2C we used for our business early on and the Mac desktop I used at work (some) from about '86 to "88). I remember discussions of an Opera browser for iPhone in 2007, but I don't recall there being a Apple version when I first adopted the browser in 1999 - though I do recall a big Mac compatibility kerfuffle in about 2003 or so, but maybe that was just because of the introduction of the Presto engine.

    Ennyway, I know they already had a big team (much bigger than Vivaldi does now) and spent years getting an app into the Apple Store. I would actually be surprised if Vivaldi doesn't have an iOS version in some years - but not yet.

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    @Ayespy I don't understand how the apple restrictions work, I am no developer, but from my understanding webkit is like a engine, so you can't use your own engine, or port another one. Sure this significantly can limit you, but you still can control UI. Chrome for IOS is still better than safari. All we need is a simple browser with SYNC. You could even have vivaldi set up to sync with chrome or something.

    Later on you guys could add all the other stuff that Chrome and Firefox for IOS have added.

  • Reading this thread is a little disheartening. I love Vivaldi but I have an iPhone and would really like an app where I could use the calendar. I was thinking of getting a new phone anyway, so I'm probably going to get an Android.

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