Windows 8

  • Hello there! I bet i am the only one hating windows 8? Are totally alien for me. 😠 And annoying. But oh well.. Next version i bet will be as good as every "second" version of windows. Cant wait to get proved right.

  • No, many do not like Windows 8, particularly businesses who must retrain their staff in order to work efficiently. Windows 8 was really meant for touch devices so the upgrade to 8.1 in which the start button and start menu are being returned is welcomed by most. I'm a little unusual in that I like Windows 8. Granted, I have a touch screen laptop (Lenovo Thinkpad Carbon X1 Touch) and find that being able to run two windows side by side and using swiping gestures is very intuitive. HOWEVER, I still make a lot of use of my mouse (yeah… I bought a Logitech mouse (M560). My advice would be to wait for Windows 9 which should be out in a year's time. I believe Sinofsky messed Windows development up and Nadella, being an engineer as opposed to a businessman, will get things back on track.

    I will add that Windows 8 boots very quickly, shuts down beautifully and is extremely secure. All in all... I'm happy with it.

  • @JamesD:

    I will add that Windows 8 boots very quickly, shuts down beautifully (…)

    Just a side note:
    Not if I really shut it down on my hardware. However, if I shut down W7 to the same kind of hibernation mode as W8 does by default, W7 is 3s slower at boot - and 2s at shutdown, despite there is way more to shut down in my W7 install. For me it is a clear draw 😃

  • No…

    You are not the only one has serious reservation
    about Win8.

    I'll tolerate Win7, but Win8… What where they
    thinking. :blink:

  • Personally, i like W8. The flat design, the Metro menu, gnahgnahgnah. In the design, i prefer W8 to W7. The search engine is way more efficient, btw.
    And I'm talking for an use on keyboard+mouse computer, huh. I prefer to do a WinKey+tapping the name of what I want to launch on W8 (better search engine, metro more quick than the old start menu), or clicking on the tuil. I find it very more intuitive on tactile interface, but I find it great with a mouse+keyboard.
    (And I don't think computer-tactile-screens are adapted for an all-day use, btw.)
    So, I prefer W8 to W7 for all his functional way. A little bit less for some "deep" fuctions, like : I have some problems with the Wifi, with many W8 computers, that I never have with W7. Or the fact that the possibility of creating a ad-hock has disapear from the network-gesture-panel (but you can still do it with a .bat file).

    I don't really care about the boot speed, since it's lower than 20-30sec, and both do that.

  • i bought a new laptop with window 8 on it. i tried it for a while but could not stomach it, i returned it and got my money back. it you look at the share value of microsoft vs google vs apple, you can see microsoft is in trouble.

  • @biggerabalone:

    it you look at the share value of microsoft vs google vs apple, you can see microsoft is in trouble.

    With nearly a billion Windows users worldwide and now coming out with Office for the iPad plus all the patents MS holds for which they are handsomely paid by Apple and Google, they are in now way, shape or form in trouble. In fact, the very idea is laughable.

    Furthermore, I use Windows 8.1 and I love it. Granted, I have Lenovo Thinkpad Touch and using the touch screen permits me to enjoy the full advantages of Win.8. However, I frequently just use it as a standard non-touch screen. The laptop boots up and shuts down incredibly fast and the OS is far more secure than Win7. And next month MS is giving its first service pace-type update to the OS. You do realize that Win7 support is for a limited time and will be cut off far sooner than Win8, right?

  • @JamesD:

    the OS is far more secure than Win7.

    Well.. THIS document shows that w8 has more discovered vulnerabilities than any other windows…

    I hate the current design of w8... am i the only one who it reminds windows 3.11?

  • I've had Windows 8 for a year now. I guess it took a few days to adapt and as I've become more familiar with it I find it OK and am happy with it, I don't want to change it for anything else. I was a little apprehensive to start with because of so many bad reviews I'd read but when it came to it none of those amounted to much. Don't really have any need for apps myself and with 8.1 they're pretty much invisible anyway if you want so even using a desktop and mouse, which I do in the main, I don't see much difference between 7 and 8.1 in which case, for me, it seems to make sense to go for the newest version of Windows.

  • I too can't stand most of the features of 8 those so called charms that keep messing up my writing doesn't help grr

  • I was told not to update to 8.1 due to it might mess up my PC . Did you have any problems upgrading ?

  • None whatsoever. Our new laptops came with Windows 8 and we immediately updated to 8.1. Works fine and I like the new Start menu. I also like being able to split the screen and have my email running alongside my browser windows if I so wish. I agree with Rainspa that it's probably best to run with the latest version of Windows "if you possibly can." And if the apps aren't your thing as Rainspa mentioned, then run Windows 8.1 as though it were an earlier version. How anyone can compare Windows 8.1 to Windows 3 is entirely beyond me. I've had both and there is absolutely NO comparison whatsoever. I think people who haven't spent much time with the new OS (and by that I mean a couple of weeks minimum) aren't really in a position to make an accurate assessment. Indeed, I think many are simply mouthing what they've heard others say OR have run it for a few hours… found it confusing and given up.

  • @Zenya:

    I was told not to update to 8.1 due to it might mess up my PC . Did you have any problems upgrading ?

    No problems either it went as smooth as anything. I did notice Bluetooth had been disabled after the upgrade but as I don't use it anyway I've left it as it is.

  • I've been using windows 8 for over a year still pisses me off
    Tech support said use a mouse, I bought a laptop so I wouldn't have to use a mouse

  • Yes I agree with that point however, losing things written just because of the touch pad grr

  • I disabled most of the special touchpad features on mine. Now the only way I can get to the "charms" with the touchpad is the same way I would with a mouse - by moving all the way over into the bottom right corner. Just to the touchpad settings in the Control Panel and fix it. Do note though, it is actually harder to access the charms that way with a touchpad than with a mouse.

  • JamesD

    microsoft stock - $38.31
    apple stock - $526.24
    google stock - $1215.65

    do you remember when microsoft was over $500? times have been hard on them, the stock prices tell the tale, the companies simply not worth much compared to its competition (ms profits have fallen considerably while google/apple have risen outpacing theirs by over a 100 fold).

    in other news:
    google's cloud based office apps are rapidly replacing windows in all institutions (in my city they switched all city departments over in 2012. in the educational system in my province, they likewise have switched to google and have abandoned microsoft). that's a lot of lost customers.

    in terms of operating systems, russia and china have recently announced that they are developing their own personal operating systems based on existing linux systems - they do not trust an american os and want their own for security reasons. two countries that will be moving away from microsoft. ouch.

    microsoft makes most of their money now on their xbox. but it has a lot of competition and is a constant dogfight.

  • Windows 8 was created mainly for tablets however, someone thought it would work for PC too lol

  • My problem is when I'm writing the charms keep appearing due to my hand touching keys and touch pad. Some times I type an A and A page for Adobe opens grr
    I'll try to disable the charms .you are the first whom said they can be disabled.

  • Not completely disabled.

    Laptops will usually assign special actions to running into the edge of the touchpad - that is what I couldn't stand. Other than scrolling by dragging along the right or bottom of course. But this whole "Show the charms if I drag to the right edge" and similar actions … I couldn't work that way because I was constantly having to dismiss something or other. Took me 2 months to find out it was a setting.


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