YouTube - error: 400

  • I see MANY posts regarding YouTube video playback issues. Fortunately, videos have been playing just fine for me, but I can no longer navigate the YouTube site, itself!

    It started 4-6 months ago. After 2-3 weeks of up-time, clicking on any YouTube folder apart from "Home" (such as: History, Subscriptions, Search, etc.), resulted in an error: 400 response. Restarting Vivaldi would solve the problem for another 2-3 weeks. Annoying, yes, but restarting the browser every few weeks is not a big deal in the whole scheme of things. After a recent Vivaldi update, however, this navigation problem is now chronic. I can now only access the "Home" folder.

    After a quick search, I saw no one else with complaint, so I am hopeful that someone may have a helpful suggestion. Thanks in advance.

    Linux 4.9.88-83 LTS
    Vivaldi ver. 1.14.1077.55 (Stable channel) (64-bit)

  • I spoke too soon. I can no longer play YouTube videos, either. :(

  • For a start, upgrade as latest version is 1.14.1077.60
    Then if problems still, try running with fresh profile.
    vivaldi --user-data-dir="/tmp/vivaldi-test-profile/"

  • So, I went to vivaldi://settings/ and added another user. This action automatically launched a second instance of Vivaldi, using the ~/.config/vivaldi/Profile1 preferences, instead of the ~/.config/vivaldi/Default preferences. Video playback and YouTube site navigation now work flawlessly in this instance (at the moment).

    Q: is there any easy way to determine what is broken in ~/.config/vivaldi/Default, or (as I suspect) is my only recourse to delete this folder and start building another profile/preferences from scratch? In other words, in the dozens of folders and config files contained in ~/.config/vivaldi/Default can anyone think of any specific setting(s) that only apply to YouTube (since I am not experiencing browsing issues with any other websites) which would trigger the following message:

    1. That’s an error.
      Your client has issued a malformed or illegal request. That’s all we know.


  • @k3f3lml I would suspect extensions or maybe cookies.
    But you should be able to copy notes, bookmarks etc
    For info on which data is where.

  • For those of you following along at home, a corrupted cookie seems to have been the cause for my YouTube troubles.

    I'd like to thank everyone for their helpful suggestions. ; )


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