Private Windows, now more Private

  • Vivaldi Team

    Vivaldi makes searching in a Private Window more private. Read on for details of our new collaboration with DuckDuckGo and more.

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  • Hi Jon,

    Thanks for the update. No issues after update.

  • Hi Jon,

    A quick question. I normally delete all my search engine options except google when I install a browser. Now when I open the private window, it shows google defaulted. I assume this is because I deleted rest of the search engines? Would force adding goduckdock or asking the user if he wants it back be an option?

  • Vivaldi Team

    @reddy-shyam: You can click, restore defaults to bring back all the default search engines

  • It's good to see the duck getting some love. 🦆 🦆

  • Sorry - but you are promising something that you cannot keep. No browser does.
    Lets see - from whom do I wish my data to become private?

    • From my Govemment? They will just force my Provider to hand in my Browsing History - private mode doesn't help here.
    • From my Provider? They have it anyway!
    • From my Employer? Nah, he'll just lockup his Proxy, Gateway, DNS or Firewall Private mode wont help here.
    • From another natural Person? Just use your Operating Systems Option to create accounts and keep your password safe.
    • From Google? Just always use DuckDuckGo.
      So - what exactly is the scenario you're addressing? Feeling a bit better because of a mere promise of "privacy" that actually cannot be kept?

    For privacy - you need to have something like TOR. If you implement something like this into Vivaldi - we can talk about the topic again.

  • @buffalobill It's all about user choice and enabling people to get as much privacy as they want. For some people, easy going as far as TOR is a necessity. But for a lot of people, that would be too much hassle (and may even draw unwanted attention to yourself), and simply switching to a different search engine may be enough for their needs. And over HTTPS, there's not much your ISP can do in terms of leaking what you searched for to the government.

    As a particularly paranoid user, I await the Vivaldi version which offers trained carrier eagles delivering information packets encrypted with 8192-RSA in padlocked thermite envelopes.

  • Excellent. DDG has been my default in Vivaldi for a couple of years and I was delighted to discover recently that it can also replace Google in Chrome for Android!

  • Why does the themes schedule change NOT work in the stable version? It already work normally in the snapshot version.
    Is there any technical reason?

  • Vivaldi Translator

    What is the full changelog from stable to stable ?

  • @jonmc Whops, nearly missed that this post is a stable release update announcement.
    Some of us can not rely on the default Linux update mechanisms (network or per-user install).

  • @lonm: Switching the Search Engine is pretty simple in Vivaldi. a single letter before your searchterm can perform this. I agree this hase some benefits and i often change the Searchengine myselfe. But i do not need Privace mode for this - do i? Yes my ISP can not see my search through HTTPS - but the next URL i wisit from there so...
    Yea maybe i am to paranoid. But i do not see one singe real uscase for a"privacy mode" that cannot achived by other, already present functions in Vivaldi or your operating system. But in the end it is probably really all about "make somethin allready present easier to use".....

  • @buffalobill said in Private Windows, now more Private:

    do not see one singe real uscase for a"privacy mode" that cannot achived by other, already present functions

    You make a decent point. I don't use "private mode" for private browsing - I use separate profiles. The private browsing mode, to me, is most useful when I have to deal with quickly switching between accounts or disabling my extensions. The private browsing mode has a way of automating this without needing an entirely new profile.

    That being said, it does a good job of offering a cookie-less system which can be effective at hiding yourself from 3rd party internet trackers. Increasingly there are other fingerprinting methods, but allowing users a way to isolate cookies (e.g. preventing facebook or google from tying sites they search for in a private mode) is a good idea.

  • Hi,

    it is no longer possible to accept self signed certificates. It is not possible to click the advanced-link to create an exception. Some months ago there was the same error.
    Please update soon ;)

  • @an_dz: No reflect to the stable version?

  • Moderator

    @matsuda0707: Because this is a minor update, Stable is still on 1.14 which doesn't have the fix that 1.15 (Snapshot) has.

  • When I open a private window, a black page tells me about the private more private, blah, blah and shows a dropdown menu in the middle of the page with DuckDuckGo already on selection. However, the search box in the upper right is still Google, same as in the main non-private mode. I can select DuckDuckGo there manually, but what's the point ?

  • @secarica it's just to remind you to setup ONE time the search engine for private windows. Check the box to not show it again and it's gone.

  • @ian-coog So this new private more private mode is in fact only a reminder for the user to do so ? On first sentence of this very blog it says "Vivaldi makes searching in a Private Window more private.". From this I understand that Vivaldi is supposed to make this private, not the user. ??

  • Moderator

    @secarica: When I open a new private window, both the omni-bar and the search bar are set to Duck Duck Go. But since Vivaldi is about choice, I have the option to change that. I don't know why your setup would be different.

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