Lastpass Broken

  • Lastpass and any other app that contains several entries where you have to scroll is still broken. The vertical scroll doesn't work. This is on 1.15.1130.3, Problem also occurred on the last version.

  • Same for Kee extension on Win7 64 computer for last (1.15.1130.3 64-bit) and previous version.
    I reinstalled Vivaldi (all data cleared) and added Kee as sole extension. No success.

    Kee is still working on another Win7 64 computer with same Vivaldi version and same extensions.

    Switched to ChromeIPass and it's working.

  • Same here, the Lastpass popup is only partially visible in browser viewport (see attachment). Latest preview version of vivaldi used 1.15.1130.3 (Official Build) (32-bit) used @ Win 7 64bit. Seems to not detect viewport collisions correctly.


  • Same for buffer extension; I use both LastPass and Buffer extensions and neither works with the last few snapshots.

  • The scroll is still broken even after 3 revisions! How can Vivaldi missed this? The browser is almost unusable right now.

    How do you manage to with this bug? Did you went back to the old versions?


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