Update problem of extensions with vivaldi

  • Hi.
    I am a new Vivaldi user since a few days.

    Only now I have a little problem.


    I use Vivaldi in stable release on my Debian Stretch Mate.

    I navigate exclusively in private navigation (with the --incognito argument put in Vivaldi's launcher)

    I installed my favorite extensions, namely


    S3 Translate

    And Ublock Origin

    Also the flash player (via the official Debian method) to play games on Facebook.


    Yesterday while browsing by curiosity in the Chrome Store, I realize that Ublock is proposed in verison 1.15.18.

    Out I am blocked in version 1.15.16 (cf my screenshot)

    So I tried several things.

    Restart Vivaldi so that the update is done alone = failure

    Run Vivaldi not in private browsing, and wait for ublock to update = failure

    Enable developer mode and force update = failure (nothing happens, nothing updates)

    So I wonder what I missed in Vivaldi's configuration??

    And what mainly blocks updates??

    And as you can see on my screenshot, Ublock is completely empty even though there are 24 blocked elements, that too is weird? no??
    I don't know much about the world of Chromium and all that, I was a loyal Firefox user, but that was before...

    If someone could help me that would be really cool, because I can't find anything on the internet about such a problem :/

    Thank You :)
    Sorry for my bad English, I'm a french girl.

  • Extensions aren't immediately updated when they are released on the chrome webs store by the developer. Personally my ublock origin hasn't updated yet either, but I trust it will happen at some point. The new version came out today, so it could take some time. If you want the update immediately, backup your ublock settings to file, uninstall ublock and install fresh from the chrome webstore. And yeah, it should update immediately by enabling developer mode on the extensions page, I don't know why this isn't working. Are you by any chance on snapshot?

  • @victoria0000 Interesting, I just checked my Ublock and it was still on v15.2 - so looks like automatic updates don't work (at least on Vivaldi Snapshots).

    Edit: Just to add that probnlem may just be with uBlock Origin as my ImTranslator extension DOES update itself.

  • @tbgbe ublock origin has just updated itself automatically on my system. The update went live today (20th March), a delay is to be expected and it's not consistent across regions. What would worry me more is that the manual update over developer mode doesn't seem to trigger.

  • @luetage The latest update is 1.15.18; but as I said mine was still on 1.15.2 so I've missed (maybe) 15 updates before today's update too!

  • @luetage That's weird as the manual update over developer mode worked for me two hours ago. And as @TbGbe stated, the automatic update doesn't seem to work for ublock, but works for other extensions.

  • @tbgbe It was for me on 1.15.2 too. But that doesn't mean there were 15 updates before that – the version number is completely illusory, ublock could jump from 1.15.2 directly to version 360.23.12 and no one could stop them. It's more likely the steps in between were internal increments and testing versions not released to the public.

  • @luetage I thought so (that's why I said maybe ) - but as @victoria0000 was on 1.15.16 I'm thinking there was at least one update missed!

  • @tbgbe same behavior with Stable 1.14.1077.55 (Linux 64bit) for uBlock Origin (no other ext. installed).
    @hlehyaric @luetage trying manual update did nothing here as well.

  • @tbgbe Your intuitive deduction was perfectly correct. Looking at https://github.com/gorhill/uBlock/releases proves we have been missing out on a plethora of incremental updates, which is rather bad IMO.

    I just discovered a trick to manually force the uO update frpm .2 to .18, but sadly it only worked in Stable not Snapshot. ***

    1. Disable uO
    2. Manually force updates.
    3. Re-enable the now updated uO.


    Edit: SS now also has .18, but only via @luetage's method:

    backup your ublock settings to file, uninstall ublock and install fresh from the chrome webstore


    *** Edit-2: Many hours later, i tried it again for Stable. This time it did NOT work. Had to uninstall & reinstall the X, just like for SS.

  • whooo, Thank you all for your answers.
    I see I'm not the only one here.
    If we look at the github of Ublock Origin, we realize that there are many updates that are not done.

    And I'm not on the snapshot version of Vivaldi, but the stable version with the.deb package recovered on the official website.

    And manual updates are not done, even by disabling Ublock (so I'm in the same case as @becm)

    I don't run after the latest updates, but for an ad blocker I find it rather annoying that automatic updates don't work, and especially that manual updates have no effect, even clicking 10 times on them.
    And the problem also exists on Vivaldi with Manjaro, Ublock Origin is in version 1.15.2.

    And for the other extensions, I don't know, they don't have such frequent updates.
    And the bug of Ublock that it is all gray as if it was disabled (cf my screenshot) that also I am the only one to have it??

  • @victoria0000 0_1521630759619_20180321_008.png

    NB: Despite my signature default below, this post was made in
    Vivaldi 1.14.1077.55 (Stable channel) (64-bit)

  • with me it still doesn't work.
    Disable Ublock
    Force update manually
    But nothing happens even after Vivaldi restarts.
    Why? Why??
    How do I update it??

    Because removing and reinstalling Ublock every time will become painful...
    Isn't there a viable solution??

  • @steffie said in Update problem of extensions with vivaldi:

    I just discovered a trick to manually force the uO update frpm .2 to .18, but sadly it only worked in Stable not Snapshot. ***

    Disable uO
    Manually force updates.
    Re-enable the now updated uO.


    Just checked on my Stable (1.14)

    • Disabled both UblockOrigin and ImTranslator
    • Enabled Extensions/Developer
    • clicked Update Extensions

    ImTranslator Updated
    Ublock did NOT update

    Looks like manually removing and reinstalling Ublock every time is the only working option at the moment.

    Note: On Snapshot, ImTranslator does update itself. In this case I suspect ImTranslator had not updated because I usually don't run Stable long enough for it to kick in - just for quick checks etc.

    Edit: @victoria0000 After re-installing and updating filters, uBlock is working for me (checked on www.lepoint.fr - 22 items blocked).

  • with me it doesn't work.

    uninstall Ublock
    relaunch Vivaldi
    Install Ublock
    Filter update
    Restart Vivaldi
    I return to lepoint.fr
    I have 24 blocked elements (indicated on the icon)
    But when I open Ublock, it's gray and shows me zero elements.

    And on Chromium impossible to manually update Ublock (it is locked to version 1.15.2)
    And on google chrome, Ublock is blocked in version 1.15.8
    That's about a month without an update, when it automatically updates itself, it seems??
    What's the big deal??
    I don't understand.....

  • Moderator

    Can confirm the issue with non-working popup in Private Window Debian 9 / KDE 5 / Vivaldi 1.14 Stable + 1.15 Snapshot.

    This Bug => VB-34925 "[Regression] uBlockOrigin in private window will show domains in most recently focused non-private window"

  • hmmmm interesting that.
    we're finally beginning to understand the nature of the problem.

    And for the automatic update that is not done for Ublock (and maybe the other extensions) there is a known bug too??

    And for the manual update via the developer mode, that too is a known bug??
    Since there's a lot of us complaining about that.


  • Moderator

    @victoria0000 said in Update problem of extensions with vivaldi:

    And for the automatic update that is not done for Ublock (and maybe the other extensions) there is a known bug too??
    And for the manual update via the developer mode, that too is a known bug??

    Please read How to Report a bug for Vivaldi carefully and then report the bug to Vivaldi bugtracker.

  • Okay, I'll report the bug.
    I hope it'll be understandable, given that my English isn't very good :/

    bug report sent it's fine.
    But I still haven't received an email to get the bug number....

  • @Gwen-Dragon @victoria0000 version deviation might be intended

    @Steffie @TbGbe The versions between v1.15.2 and v1.15.12 seem to have no relevant Chrome related fixes and might not have been pushed to Store.
    So maybe we are only 5 days behind up-to-date version and just on the trailing end of update pool…

    Will keep state (on secondary system) to help with eventual requests from developers or to see how/if rollout of updated version processes.

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