Vivaldi closes the browser window only, the processes keep running in the background

  • When I close Vivaldi while downloading something (i.e. before the download completes) the browser window closes fine but the processes in the background won't. In detail: 1. Vivaldi starts. Three instances running. 2. Download started. A fourth instance appears. 3. I close Vivaldi. The browser window disappears. The fourth instance closes. The initial three are still running and won't terminate. W8.1, x64, Vivaldi, 32-bit, standalone install. Can anybody confirm?

  • In my case, using the PC sometimes I has this problem, the last time was in a page that has geolocation and so I saw the icon of location in the adress bar saying that it was not functional yet! OK but at the moment of do click in the geolocation Vivaldi suddenly go out keeping processes open, so I had to close them.
    But there is a problem and it is that the program is affected seriously. so I recommend reboot the PC!!!
    Lucky of me that reboot the PC is fast, but in the netbook reboot is slow but in the netbook god bless me the issue almost never pass.

  • Happened to me on x64 with a full install when I was trying to update to Easter snapshot. I had Win10 preview downloading and tried to close the browser. Thought I would just stop the download but the stop button at top does nothing.


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