Bookmark menu performance improvement – Vivaldi Browser snapshot 1.15.1130.3

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    Gestures are broken at the moment. Being repaired.

  • Win7/64:

    1. a reset of the RMB+down-right gesture to close a tab doesn't seem to be working properly on all visited sites. Most issues on e.g., regardless of whether it was started over video frame, comment section, empty border section; seriously stubborn. F5 and retry - no change. Click a new video, then it worked sometimes.
    2. RMB+down gesture over link doesn't always work (Win7/64)
    3. cloning tab to simply replicate a tab with RMB+down-up gesture hardly ever works. I perform this gesture over "blank" areas of a site

  • @rogerwilco: Had I read all the comments before posting I would've seen that there are numerous issues with the gestures and that it's being worked on.

  • Pasting text (using middle mouse click) sometimes takes many (up to 10) seconds. During that time the window is completely unresponsive. It does cache actions though, so typically I think the mouse button was not working, click again - and then have two copies of the text, in most cases intermixed because the second click went somewhere in the first text....

    (Linux, Tumbleweed, Plasma)

  • Last Snapshots are horribly unstable 😕
    I got (in average) one crash per 2-4 days...

  • Hi,

    it is no longer possible to accept self signed certificates. It is not possible to click the advanced-link to create an exception. Some months ago there was the same error.
    Please update soon 😉


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