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  • Cannot tell if it is new - at least it had so far never annoyed me, but now it does:
    I have the bookmark bar visible, with 15 folders in it. Whenever I slide across the bookmark bar into the browser window, it will activate the 'tooltip' telling me "Show folder contents". But only with some delay, so this black box will be shown wherever my cursor movement ends up.
    And as the Tab bar is above the bookmark bar I need to slide across when changing to other tabs.

    I tried finding an option to either switch position of the two bars or to disable those tooltips(*), both without luck.

    (*) I do find them completely useless anyhow....

    This is latest vivaldi-snapshot 1.15.1125.3

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    @der_pit Tooltips on the folder may be useless, but on bookmarks and links they are very helpful. I see no way to turn them off, but would not want to.

  • I'd leave them activated too on first hand.
    The major issue is that they don't do the regular 'mouse over' hovering. I really cross the bar fast, so its tiny fractions of a second (for sure much less than 0.1s). Still the focus seems to stay on a bookmark entry and after a second the tooltip pops up, although the mouse cursor is miles away from that entry.

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    @der_pit Here, it takes 500ms for the tooltip to show up. I used FasStone Capture to record a video and can measure it fairly accurately.

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    My Bookmarks are not at the bar.
    Tooltips are very handy for me, I agree in this case it's quite annoying.

  • Again, the issue is not the bookmark itself if it pops up when the mouse is resting on top of the entry. That is as designed, and I have no issue with it.

    But for me it pops up although the mouse cursor is NOT on the entry, and never has been there for more than tiny fractions of a second.

    I can try to record a video of that, might take a moment though, I'm not familiar with that....

  • Very annoying.
    Problem is, items on the bookmark bar remain focused when the mouse slides through them.

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    @der_pit No need for a video. This was reported elsewhere. The Tooltip shows up in the centre of the window on switching tabs. It's easily reproduced, so probably it will be easy to fix too. Just wait for the next Snapshot.

  • Well, the video from CantankRus shows the problem, so I didn't post my video. This problem does not involve switching tabs though, and tooltip popup is not at one fixed position, but where ever the pointer is...
    I'll wait and see what the next few updates change.

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