Remove Exit Fullscreen from Context Menu in Fullscreen

  • I don't know when "Exit full screen" was added to the full screen context menu, but please add an option to remove this item. It is incredibly annoying to be constantly exiting full screen when you just want to go back.

  • @fireundubh Usually, for requests to change the menus I would just say vote for the option to Allow Editing of Menus, but in this case I think you're right.

    The fullscreen item (F11) is already on the context menu in fullscreen, and that can be used to exit fullscreen, so duplicating the function at the top of the menu is bad design.

  • I agree. 'Exit Full Screen' appearing at the top of the context menu above 'Back' has been driving me nuts lately.

    'Fullscreen' remains in the context menu (and serves to exit full screen mode if clicked on while in full screen mode) just above 'Validate' and should change to 'Exit Fullscreen' (or 'Exit Full Screen' if you prefer) when in full screen mode.

  • This is just wrong. No option is required; "Exit full screen" should be removed from the menu.

    1. It duplicates the command Fullscreen (F11)
    2. It is mispelt
    3. The shortcut F11 is not displayed.

    (VB-48446) Exit full screen should not be on the context menu in Fullscreen


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