[1.15.1125.3] vivaldi has stolen focus of CHM rendering?

  • So I just updated vivaldi (pretty sure I'm on beta).
    and noticed something: Vivaldi seems to have taken over CHM file rendering (as opposed to IE)? Is there a way to undo it? it's screwing up my editor, opening the chm help file to the correct page doesn't work 100% of the time.

    OS: Windows 10 Home (Version 10.0 Build 16299)
    alt text chm Properties
    (also, the mouse gesture "drag down over url to open in new tab" isn't working anymore since the update)

  • To undo it, you'd have to change it in Windows settings. Go to Settings, Apps, look for the link that says Choose default app by file type, (wait for it to load) then scroll to find .chm. My version of Windows only lists "Microsoft HTML Help Executable" - not Vivaldi or IE - for that file type.

  • right, it's still Microsoft HTML Help Executable that handles the file. but the /rendering/ of the page is not IE anymore.
    top=old, bottom=new
    (click for full size)

    notice the top navigation/options bar on both, aswell as the left-side list/menu. Aswell as the rendering of the code boxes in the maindocument. I have checked several other CHM's, they all have this new looks.

    I'm also willing to agree that maybe MS updated the CHM file shortly before I updated vivaldi and it's all just perfect timing. but I have a chm open at almost all times, so it would have had to been an update mid-day between the file being closed and open.

    if you're willing to test and don't have any chm files, you can try going here:
    https://autohotkey.com/download/ and download the portable .zip: Download AutoHotkey .zip. there you should find alt text
    (python and many other languages, and programs you might already have if you click "help" from a menu, have chm files)

    does it look like the top image or bottom?

    edit: I have had some friends who use AHK do a test, their chm files look like the top image. they use win10 and they DO NOT have vivaldi installed.
    edit edit: a couple of my non-vivaldi friends that use chrome, see it as the bottom image. So it might be the latest chrome engine that's doing it.
    now I'm confused. 1 latest-chrome-non-vivaldi user sees it as the top, 3 others see it as the bottom (vivaldi or chrome user).

  • @tidbit Well, I have Win 10 Pro (1709 build 16299.309) and Vivaldi 1.15.1130.3.
    I do NOT have Chrome or Chromium installed.

    I checked the chm help files from 7-zip and IrfanView
    They do not look like either of your pictures :0

    However, the Contents/Index/Search/Favourites pane is using the style of your "OLD" picture.
    Also, the chm file properties still shows - Compiled HTML help file, Microsoft HTML help

    Doe this help or confuse 🙂

  • @tbgbe right, the colors is my OS theme. was talking about the header bars/menus and the left side bar/tabs.
    I too don't have chrome, only vivaldi. So this is making me more confused 😞 Not sure if it's a vivaldi thing or... ????. Oh well. Thanks for testing.

  • @tidbit Well, my chm from IrfanView, looks like this


  • I see. so does mine (irfanview).
    I guess my AHK and vivaldi updated at about the same time so I just blamed the browser instead, instead of thinking the ahk dev did some voodoo to the chm file.

    Thanks all, issue solved, I guess.

  • @tidbit Every day I'm more excited about Vivaldi, but I have a question. Because it does not appear Vivaldi and if Google Chrome appears..


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